Photo: Sony Pictures

Venom, the Marvel antihero that everybody wants to fuck, is definitely getting the sequel that Sony more or less confirmed a few months ago. According to Variety, the studio is getting the project in motion by hiring Kelly Marcel, the Fifty Shades of Grey scribe who helped pen the original, to get cracking on a script. She better hurry, too, because all signs point to an October 2, 2020 opening for the film.

This news must be nice for Woody Harrelson, who promised “carnage” in the Venom post-credits scene as Cletus Kasady. Variety confirms that he’ll return as his Carnage alter-ego to serve as an antagonist for Tom Hardy’s namesake hero (?). Michelle Williams, who is far too refined for all of this, will also return. Director Reuben Fleischer, however, will reportedly keep his distance, which is probably a good thing considering he cut all of Hardy’s favorite scenes.