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Woody Harrelson to make his directorial debut with Lost In London

(Photo: Isaiah Trickey/Getty Images)

Looks like Woody Harrelson will soon be adding a few hyphens to his official occupation. The soon-to-be actor-writer-director has revealed to Screen Daily that he will soon be making his directorial debut with Lost In London, from his own screenplay. He hasn’t given away much information about the film, aside from its existence and title. Here’s what we do know, though: It likely is set at least partially in London, and it may involve a person, or people, losing their way, either geographically, emotionally, or existentially.

The Now You See Me 2 star told the publication that he’ll get to work on that project after he wraps Rob Reiner’s Shock And Awe, which he describes as the story of journalists during the Bush administration “who wrote important articles about the absurdity of associating Saddam Hussein with Osama Bin Laden or trying to connect him to 9/11.” The actor and director also recently teamed up for LBJ, which stars Harrelson as the 36th president. LBJ screened at TIFF, but there’s no word yet on a wide release.


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