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Woody Harrelson “reacts” to Game Of Thrones’ fifth season

[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones’ fifth season.]

Season 5 of Game Of Thrones was a bit of a funeral dirge, with each successive episode offering new depths of depravity and suffering for beloved characters. It was all capped off with the ultimate betrayal of Jon Snow, going out Julius Caesar-style surrounded by turncoats of the Night’s Watch. Throughout the season there was rape, torture, murder, betrayals, the most harrowing and literal walk of shame in Westerosi history, and the wholesale slaughter of a town by unstoppable wights. It was not, on overview, a very pleasant and uplifting experience.

Many questions surround the season, including the fates of several characters and where the series is headed next. But the real question is not whether this was all executed well enough for viewers to put up with the misery. No, the true question at the end of the season is: How would Woody Harrelson’s character from True Detective respond to having to see all of this darkness? Turns out, by drinking a lot and screaming at the television (something many people did as well). Ozzy Man Reviews mashed up the scene from True Detective with highlights of the atrocities of Game Of Thrones’ fifth season in order to produce this video of a man who’d much rather be discussing Rampart than having to view the dark and unjust actions that occurred in the most recent season of the beloved HBO fantasy series. Hopefully Harrelson will have a better reaction to the newest season of True Detective—or at least better than reviews suggest.

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