The crucial role of the lovably cranky, adorably alcoholic Haymitch has gone to Woody Harrelson, who will mentor Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss in the ways of winning The Hunger Games. Harrelson beat out the other most-rumored contender, John C. Reilly, in a drawn-out casting process that has taken on its own never-ending, post-apocalyptic contest vibe—and of course, that search for names to fill out the rest of the film continues, of course, and will do so until every last actor in Hollywood has been judged as worthy or eliminated from the running. We’re not anywhere near the end, yet: People like President Snow, Cinna, and Johanna Mason (whom Kristen Bell is campaigning for) still remain. But Haymitch was one of the big ones, so maybe we’ll get a lull for a couple days or so.