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Woody Harrelson is the new king of Wimbledon

Photo: Shaun Botterill (Getty Images)

Consider this a public service announcement for anyone who saw Woody Harrelson trending on Twitter today, and worried that something terrible had happened to the three-time Oscar nominee: He’s fine. Possibly even fantastic, as far as we can tell, because he’s at Wimbledon right now, and from the ongoing coverage his appearance has been getting from avid online Woody watchers, he’s having a hell of a time.

Harrelson’s appearance at the annual tournament has become a recurring motif in the coverage of the games today, with the event’s TV commentators filling their idle moments with a weirdly specific tracking of his drinking and bathroom habits. Even if you don’t care for tennis yourself, there’s really a Woody for all seasons, too, from “Woody politely claps”:


To “Woody sees a man get a tennis ball directly to the nuts”:

To “In an absolute miscarriage of justice, Woody is denied a return to his seat because a game is currently in play”:


(Don’t worry, that one was swiftly followed by “Woody is very polite about finally being allowed to return to his seat”):


And while we have to hope and pray that this heightened scrutiny isn’t ruining Harrelson’s day—because this is looking like an absolutely delightful day-drunk, if we’re being honest—the idea of moments like this one being lost, tears in the rain style, is just too sad to imagine:


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