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Woody Harrelson has quit smoking weed

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Noam Galai)

It’s a tragic day for the stoner community, as future Tokin’ Hall of Famer Woody Harrelson has announced that he has formally retired from partaking in that kind herb known as marijuana. It’s time to hang his jersey number from the rafters and send him off with one last salutatory bong rip, because the man who tried to open his own dispensary as recently as last February no longer smokes pot.

This not-so-chill news comes from a Vulture piece about Harrelson’s new film Wilson, during which the interviewer asked him a softball question about a “misconception” that people might have about him. Harrelson took that oppurtunity to explain that he’s not as much of a “party animal” as people probably think—or at least he’s not anymore. He says he’s “extremely moderate” these days and hasn’t smoked pot in almost a year, explaining that he simply had “30 solid years of partying too fucking hard.” Harrelson adds that he doesn’t have a problem with pot, as he still thinks it’s great in general, but smoking too much kept him from being “emotionally available.”


Luckily, Harrelson says he does still drink in moderation, so at least he hasn’t gone totally square.

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