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At one point in his youth, it Han Solo apparently knew someone who we can only assume is a wily dude who sounds like he’s from Texas. After all, Lucasfilm announced today that Woody Harrelson has been cast in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff focused on the smuggler. Though reports that emerged last week about Harrelson’s talks with Disney indicated that he’d be playing a mentor figure, StarWars.com gives no details about his character. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller did release a typically goofy statement. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with an artist with as much depth and range as Woody,” they said. “His ability to find both humor and pathos, often in the same role, is truly unique. He is also very good at ping pong.”

We still know very little about this movie, which also will star Alden Ehrenreich as the nerf-herder in question, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, and Emilia Clarke as a mystery lady. That said, Harrelson’s sensibilities seem like a good fit for this crowd led by the guys who made The Lego Movie.


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