The War Of The Planet Of The Apes has just cast one of its main combatants as Variety reports that Woody Harrelson has joined the film as one of the lead human characters. Harrelson will play the Colonel, one of the film’s antagonists whom we currently know very little about because plot details are being kept tightly under wraps.

We previously reported that East Los High’s Gabriel Chavarria had been cast as one of the two human leads in the film. But The Hollywood Reporter cites film insiders who claim Chavarria’s role has been downgraded a bit. It’s not known whether Harrelson’s addition to the cast affected Chavarria’s part, but Harrelson has previously proven to be the kind of resourceful guy who thrives in a post-apocalyptic world. Maybe director Matt Reeves just wanted to see what he could do with a tank.


Andy Serkis, whose captured motions make up the part of head ape Caesar, will also be back to lead one of the warring factions in the upcoming movie. Reeves has said the third installment will further test Caesar’s loyalties and leadership skills; he even told The Inquisitr that The War Of The Planet Of The Apes will turn Caesar into a “mythic ape figure, like Moses.”