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Woody Harrelson casually drops the name of his Star Wars character

(Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

So much for total secrecy. A laid-back but probably not high Woody Harrelson disclosed the name of his character in the Han Solo-focused Star Wars spin-off on The Tonight Show last night. Harrelson is remarkably unfazed by this whole “being in Star Wars” thing, explaining with a giggle that he was never a “fanatic,” but ”it’s nice to be a part of it.” Perhaps that’s why he’s so forthcoming—though admittedly he doesn’t say all that much. “I play a guy named Beckett who’s kind of a criminal and a mentor to Han,” he announced.

The “mentor” bit we knew already and the “criminal” part we assumed, but this would seemingly indicate he’s not portraying Garris Shrike, a character from The Han Solo Trilogy. (We’d also note that given the fact we only have the sound bite, the spelling of ”Beckett” is also up for grabs.)


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