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Woody doesn’t play nice in this menacing, R-rated Toy Story trailer

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Marvel’s Deadpool recently proved that there is definitely a healthy market for R-rated superhero movies. And Zack Snyder’s promised R-rated cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will allow that film to be even darker and more violent than it already is. So when, America wants to know, is Pixar going to bite the bullet and do an R-rated Toy Story movie? The kids who grew up watching the original 1995 film are now presumably of an age to drink, drive, vote, and be tried as adults. They deserve a Toy Story movie that has grown up with them. Besides, the film’s premise about toys that come to life is reminiscent of any number of creepy killer doll films, such as Trilogy Of Terror, Demonic Toys, and Child’s Play. What’s holding up the show, Disney? The creators of the YouTube comedy channel BloodBlitz apparently grew tired of waiting and created their own gruesome, blood-soaked trailer for a potential Toy Story thriller reboot.

This parody remix nudges Toy Story into horror territory by desaturating the color, layering in some eerie music, and adding some CGI splatter effects. (Poor Mr. Potato Head!) Some Rob Zombie-esque editing helps, too. But the original movie provides plenty of creepiness on its own, particularly in the behavior of jealous, insecure cowboy Woody, who attempts to sabotage rival Buzz Lightyear and offers vague threats to troubled neighbor kid Sid. That is one bad hombre. One weird side effect of this trailer is demonstrating how odd and unnatural Toy Story’s human characters, even sympathetic Andy, look after two decades. That’s a horror movie right there.


[via Laughing Squid]

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