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While Woody Allen’s recent casting of Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page in his Rome-based comedy suggested he planned on splitting his neuroses into their complementary male and female halves and letting them banter it out, he’s apparently got more than just his surrogate self in mind this time. The newest addition to a cast that also includes Alec Baldwin and Penelope Cruz, according to Allen, is none other than “the greatest of all my favorites—me,” as Allen will make his first return to a starring role in one of his films since he used a well-deployed pair of glasses to make Scarlett Johansson seem gawky and awkward in Scoop. There’s still no word on a title or even a basic plot, although Allen did confirm that Roberto Benigni also factors in there somewhere—but then again, we’re pretty sure that’s one of the stipulations for obtaining an Italian shooting permit.


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