While the world's eyes are on China as the 2008 Olympics continue to unfold, at least some Chinese people are looking elsewhere. The John Woo-directed historical action drama Red Cliff has become China's most successful domestic film of all time, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Tony Leung-starring, third century-set naval drama inspired by the Chronicle Of The Three Kingdoms edges out Zhang Yimou's Curse Of The Golden Flower and has become the first Chinese film to top the 300 million yuan mark. (300 million yuan = a lot of dollars.)

This is something of a comeback for Woo, whose recent Hollywood projects (Paycheck, Windtalkers) have met with commercial and critical indifference. (Though Windtalkers is actually pretty good, honestly.) The film was to reunite Woo with Chow Yun-Fat, who played John Wayne to his John Ford back in their Hong Kong days. Chow pulled out at the last minute, however, and was replaced by Leung, who had previously signed up for then dropped out of the project in a different role. (Let's hope the plot isn't as confusing as the production.)

Red Cliff will be released as two films in Asia then edited together into one long movie for the rest of the world, currently set to debut in January.