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Won't you be our neighbor, Chicago, early and for free?

Photo: Fotos International (Getty Images)

Fred Rogers might be the last saint of American TV, the one guy who no one—not critics, not Congress, and definitely not any of the subjects of the upcoming documentary about him, Won’t You Be My Neighbor—ever seemed to have a bad word to say about. Rogers was kind, he was smart, and he talked to kids on their own level, something that director Morgan Neville’s film, in select theaters June 8, will likely show over and over again with archival footage of his beloved PBS show.

In the spirit of Fred, we’re offering our Chicago-area readers 75 admit-two passes to an early screening of the documentary, allowing 150 Windy City residents the chance to have their spirits lifted up by a bit by a dose of gentle wisdom. All you have to do to get your tickets for the screening—scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6 at the Landmark Century Cinema on Clark—is head here and click “Get Passes.” Be sure to get there early, though; not only is it the polite thing to do, but if there’s one thing Mr. Rogers taught us, it’s that these advance screenings always overbook. (Note: Mr. Rogers never actually taught us that.)

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