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Hey, who’s In The Mood for a new Wong Kar-Wai movie? That’s a little cinephile humor for you. But seriously, folks, Hong Kong’s visionary director of Chungking Express, In The Mood For Love, and 2046 is reportedly hard at work on his next feature film, according to Indiewire. This is great news for fans of the director, who have waited six years in between his Hollywood crossover attempt, My Blueberry Nights, and his most recent film, the martial arts saga The Grandmaster. Mei Ah Entertainment describes the as-yet-untitled project as a “romance,” which is well-worn territory for Wong. Better yet, all the ladies in the house get excited, because Mei Ah chief executive Patrick Tong Hing-chi says that the lead actor is someone “all women are crazy about.” Who could it be? Ryan Gosling? Michael Fassbender? Benedict Cumberbatch? Honestly, it’s probably Tony Leung, but a girl can still dream.


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