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Wonder Woman marketing takes a depressing turn with diet bar tie-in

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

As the first female-led movie of the modern superhero boom, there are a lot of hopes riding on Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman. Those hopes might arrive in any number of forms—“Make her fun, but not weak,” “Make the story about her, not about the men around her,” “Give my daughter a superhero to look up to”—but they can mostly be boiled down to one elemental yearning: “Don’t do anything shitty with this.”


Which is why it’s a little unnerving to see The Mary Sue report that Diana, princess of the Amazons, is now shilling for thinkThin-brand nutrition bars. Not that Warner Bros. hasn’t been just as mercenary with marketing tie-ins for its other heroes—slathering everything from bags of chips to airlines with pictures of a glowering Batman and Superman—but there’s something especially galling about seeing one of the strongest female characters in modern culture telling every girl who looks up to her to “think thin.” The company’s products are presumably perfectly fine, as far as “meal replacement” diet bars go, but we’re pretty sure ”thinkFuckPeopleUpWithASword” is more Wonder Woman’s speed.

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