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Wonder Woman has been kicking ass for decades

Screenshot: Justice League: Doom

Audiences were rightly won over this weekend as Wonder Woman finally made it to her very own movie, mere decades after she was first created around WWII (and several years after her male DC counterparts like Superman, Batman, even frickin’ Green Lantern). But before her first big-screen starring role, the Amazon Princess has been kicking ass on various small screens for quite a while now, starting with 1967’s Who’s Afraid Of Diana Prince. Burger Fiction has helpfully compiled many of her other battles, including saving the Brady Kids in a 1972 cartoon in her 1940s garb, then moving on to Super Friends, and a bizarre 1974 TV movie with a blond Cathy Lee Crosby as WW, which helped kick off the iconic TV series starring Lynda Carter.

As DC cartoons got a bit more sophisticated, Wonder Woman continued to kick serious series ass in Justice League and all of its various iterations, including Justice League: Dark and Justice League: Doom. She had a great, kitschy appearance in Batman’s The Brave And The Bold cartoon, as well as storming in and impressing the hell out of everybody in Young Justice. As the compilation nears its end, we get to see the emergence of Diana as the sole highlight in Batman V Superman, leading to the cinematic force she revealed herself to be this weekend. Until you can make it to the theater to check Wonder Woman out, enjoy this compilation.


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