When Warner Bros. unveiled the first images of Adrianne Palicki in her Wonder Woman costume earlier this month, it seemed to confirm many of the fears fans had about the overall tackiness of the David E. Kelley-produced reboot, with extra doses of last-minute Halloween desperation and vinyl fetish cosplay. Well, the cries of the Internet have been heard, sort of, as newly leaked set photos reveal that Wonder Woman’s costume is no longer quite the plastic nightmare that it used to be, with her pants made of a more breathable, stretchable fabric to slightly offset her melted-Solo-cup corset—all the better for putting on your serious face (as you can see) and dispatching criminals to the strains of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” which we’ll keep mockingly pointing out to ensure that they get rid of that, too. Of course, it’s possible that what we’re seeing here is merely one of Wonder Woman’s many ensembles, and that the earlier photos are sort of her “dress blues,” as opposed to this everyday outfit that can easily weather the transition from crime-fighting to cuddling on the couch with her gal pals. [via BuzzFeed]