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Wonder Woman 2 will reportedly take place during the Cold War

Wonder Woman (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Diana Prince will once again be caught up in humanity’s war machine, as reports are now cropping up to indicate that the Wonder Woman sequel will be set during the Cold War. ScreenRant broke the news first, citing sources and production details about the 1980s setting for the film, which will once again star Gal Gadot as the Amazon warrior, while hinting at the possible return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Now The Wrap has confirmed the Cold War setting via its own sources, and has also noted that Warner Bros. “still has an option” to bring Pine on, though neither publication had any info on just how Steve could appear.

No other details are available at the moment, but we did previously report that Patty Jenkins is working on the Wonder Woman 2 treatment with DC boss Geoff Johns. Though Jenkins hasn’t been confirmed as the helmer of the second film in the series, Wonder Woman has already grossed over $360 million, and is the biggest DCEU movie to date, so the odds are in her favor.


For what it’s worth, the other DCEU movies seem to be taking place in the 21st century, with Suicide Squad chasing Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the Aquaman spin-off set to follow up on the events of Justice League. But the Wonder Woman franchise continues to inch its way to present day; the first film was set during World War I. The newly announced setting poses a bit of a challenge, too, because it would seem to contradict Diana’s words to Bruce Wayne in Batman V. Superman about walking away from mankind a hundred years ago. Then again, if DC and Warner Bros. can make Kal-El seem surly, they can easily retcon Diana’s statement.

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