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‘The Art Of The Brick: DC Super Heroes’ exhibition at Parc De La Villette
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A few months ago, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins revealed that the sequel to her DC Comics-based hit would be another period piece, with Diana of Themyscira heading from World War I to kick butt and take names in the potentially less dangerous, but definitely less fashionable world of the 1980s. (Insert your own joke about Gal Gadot swapping her bulletproof bracelets for neon-colored arm warmers here.) Now DC has gotten even more specific with its plans for the follow-up to its one certified, “everybody liked it” DCEU hit, with executive producer Geoff Johns adding a “WW84" header image to his Twitter account earlier today.

That presumably means we’ll see Diana hanging out in the rich cultural fields of 1984, drinking Pepsi with Michael Jackson, jamming out to “Purple Rain” with Prince, and [insert third 1984 cultural signifier here. Maybe the Sally Field “You like me” bit]. 1984 also features a rich vein of other pop heroes for Wonder Woman to team up with in crossovers we know won’t actually happen, but hey, it’s nice to dream: That’s the year Stranger Things season 2 takes place, for instance, suggesting the possibility of a Diana-Eleven team up, as well as the chance to swap some god-killing tips with the original Ghostbusters.


Of course, the most obvious point of reference for 1984 is George Orwell’s novel of the same name, suggesting a film in which Diana smashes totalitarians and fascists (maybe while wielding a big, Steve Jobs-approved sledgehammer, to boot). And while we’d be down for a big-budget throwdown between the Ministry Of Truth and the Lasso Of Same—which would also tie in nicely with the Cold War themes Jenkins and Johns have reportedly been developing for the sequel—we won’t really know more until the film’s November 2019 release date gets closer.

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