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Woman jailed for being unable to let go of Monster-In-Law VHS, ignoring lesson of Monster-In-Law

Proving that the law is always watching, like the vengeful mother of a son you’re not good enough for, a South Carolina woman was jailed overnight for failing to return a VHS copy of Monster-In-Law for nearly a decade. Kayla Finley, now age 27, first checked out the romantic comedy in 2005 from Dalton Video, when independent video stores, VHS tapes, and movies starring Jennifer Lopez had just begun to edge their way out of the public consciousness.

But in these nine ensuing years, Finley never forgot Monster-In-Law, as she absorbed its story about clinging tenaciously to the things you cherish, then applied them to her VHS of Monster-In-Law. Unfortunately, she failed to heed the actual point of that story—that never letting go only leads to resentment and, occasionally, criminal charges. Soon, much as Jane Fonda’s character found herself imprisoned by the fear of losing her son, Finley found herself imprisoned by an actual prison.


According to the report, a record check for Finley showed the warrant for Finley’s arrest as outstanding since 2005, when she'd allegedly ignored repeated letters demanding the tape’s return. But Finley denies ever receiving those letters, and now says she plans to fight these charges from her own, vengeful law-in-law. (Simply returning the tape is out of the question, as Dalton Video is out of business—and also, it would mean parting with Monster-In-Law.) In the meantime, she’s had to post a $2,000 bail, but as Jennifer Lopez and Kay Finley know, it’s a small price to pay for love.

[via UPROXX]

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