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Illustration for article titled Woman files lawsuit over emDrive/em trailer for its misleading representations of driving, violence against Jews

Critics and people who take critics seriously have spent the last month or so fawning over Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn’s heavily stylized action film about a stuntman’s increasingly risky detour through L.A.’s criminal underworld. But what these people have failed to notice is that Drive does not have enough sweet, awesome driving like those Fast And Furious movies, which has spurred at least one Michigan woman, so far, to file a lawsuit against its distributor, because its trailer promised her that it would be as kickass as that film series, yet in actuality it “bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film … having very little driving in the motion picture.” Also, there’s a pretty good chance it will start another Holocaust: “Drive was a motion picture that substantially contained extreme, gratuitous, defamatory, dehumanizing racism directed against members of the Jewish faith,” the lawsuit says, “and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith.” More than just demanding her money back and ensuring the continued survival of the Jews, the plaintiff, Sarah Deming, is hoping to lead the way to a class-action lawsuit that you, too, can join, thereby finally bringing the movie industry to justice for its years of promoting films with trailers that try to make them look like one thing but are, in fact, another thing that is both boring and anti-Semitic. [WDIV via Gawker]


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