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The Marvel character of Wolverine is ruling the box office at the moment in Logan, a spectacular film that deconstructs the comic-book movie even as it delves into everything we know about the character. But how much do we know, really? A new video from Looper points out some forgotten, and possibly embarrassing low points from the character’s career, which may vary from the Hugh Jackman-infused image we now associate with Wolverine.

For example, the video kicks off with the comic-book Wolverine getting run over by a steamroller by the Punisher, and deflating after a Spock-induced Vulcan nerve pinch in a comic-book mashup with Star Trek. He also gets blasted right through a wall by one of the young members of the Runaways. Wolverine was initially introduced in comics as an enemy of the unstoppable Hulk, and was only supposed to stick around for two issues. When he proved popular, he was added to the 1975 X-Men reboot, quickly becoming a standout member of the team.


Wolverine is also one of the only X-Men to appear in every movie from X-Men to Apocalypse, but as the video points out, there was kind of a shaky start. Initially, Hugh Jackman was under the impression that a wolverine was just a version of a wolf, and kept howling and acting wolflike in his first scenes until Bryan Singer pointed out that he was emulating the wrong animal. Fortunately, as we all know, Jackman quickly nailed the role, and the rest is comic-book-movie history.

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