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Wolverine Remix is the best at what it does, and what it does is splice and dice

Eclectic Method, the remix master recently featured on The A.V. Club for his The Wolf Of Wall Street chest bump remix and The Wes Anderson Mixtape, has returned. This time Method, aka VJ Jonny Wilson, has set last summer’s better-than-it-had-any-right-to-be  The Wolverine to a dance beat; and because Wilson is the best at what he does (and what he does is usually very nice), the glitchy remix leans heavily on the sound of metal on metal, fists on flesh, and of course that famous snikt! sound effect. In addition to the slick video mix, Wilson has also made Wolverine Remix available as a free MP3 download so it can assume its rightful place as the official Comic Con afterparty jam of 2014.


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