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Wolf Of Wall Street broker sues producers for defaming his otherwise-sterling character

Joining those who believe The Wolf Of Wall Street has unfairly profited off the ruined lives of others is Andrew Greene, a former broker at Jordan Belfort’s Stratton Oakmont who unfairly profited off the ruined lives of others—but doesn’t want a movie made about it. Greene has filed a $25 million defamation lawsuit against producers and Paramount, claiming the character of Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff (played by P.J. Byrne) is falsely based on him, despite Greene never giving his consent to be a part of the film. Indeed, it is as though the filmmakers completely ignored laws regarding fair business practices in their own selfish pursuit of profits.

Greene’s argument stems from his being mentioned, by name, in Belfort’s 2007 memoir as his toupee-wearing consort, and Greene’s belief that the filmmakers simply changed that name to “Rugrat” for the movie—a movie Greene says could harm his professional reputation for its portrayal of him as “a criminal, drug user, and degenerate,” rather than simply as a member of some of Wall Street’s most unapologetic, thoroughly documented thieves. And what better way to ensure no one links Greene to that character in the movie than to file a public lawsuit linking Greene to that character in the movie, based on the assertion that he clearly recognizes the character’s amoral behavior as his own?


In addition to the $25 million he believes he’s owed for pain and suffering—his own, not the kind he perpetrated but didn’t give his consent to have fictionalized—Greene also wants an injunction that would force the handover of all copies of the movie. While Paramount has yet to comment, a judge is expected to rule that, c’mon bro, The Wolf Of Wall Street made that shit look really awesome, what’s the problem?

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