Robot Chicken - "Office Kombat"

Have you ever started talking to a coworker, only to be distracted with fantasies of cleaving their head with a battle-ax? How about ending a meeting that’s running long with a flamethrower, incinerating the jackass who won’t stop jawing about third-quarter sales projections? If so, it appears that James Gunn shares the same dream.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Wolf Creek director Greg McLean will be helming The Belco Experiments, based on an original script by Gunn. MGM is financing the project, with a shoot planned for this summer in Bogota, Colombia.


The synopsis for The Belco Experiments suggests that the best way for capitalism to thrive is to push the Darwinian economic model to its bleeding edge. Specifically, a U.S. company is using a South American branch to separate employees with upward mobility from the unwashed masses. The office is sealed off at the beginning of the work day, and workers are instructed to start murdering each other. (Death by PowerPoint is probably not a viable option.) No word yet if this savage day of bloodlust will be kicked off by a cheerful orientation video produced by Belco’s Human Resources department, but that would make for a great trailer.

While providing the plot description on Facebook, Gunn shared the genesis of Belco’s concept. “It’s a film that first came to me in a dream,” Gunn wrote. “I woke up and wrote the first draft in a two-week fugue state binge.” It sounds more like the type of dream that follows a two-week break from reality, but we’re not about to quibble with a man whose most “uncompromising” vision may include roaming cubicles with a katana, rending sinew from bone, until his opponents are vanquished.