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Illustration for article titled iWizards Of Waverly Place/i’s David Henrie to play Ronald Reagan in biopic

This great ol’ country called America has been going down the proverbial crapper lately thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and his Dumb-o-crats, so it’s no wonder that we’re seeing an increased interest in the world’s greatest president of all time, Ronald Reagan. After all, if anyone’s gonna get us out of whatever mess we’re in now, it’s the guy who single-handedly defeated the Commies. As we reported earlier this week, President Reagan will be appearing in the second season of FX’s Fargo, presumably to smack some fiscal responsibility into everybody. Now, we also know that Wizards Of Waverly Place star David Henrie will be playing The Gipper in Space Cowboys writer Howard Klausner’s upcoming biopic.


Henrie, of course, isn’t a wrinkled old man with a genius-level intellect, so he’ll be playing a young version of Reagan. However, his experience on Waverly Place will help him portray Ronnie’s own passion for the mystic arts, since every red-blooded American knows that Reagan was secretly a magician with real magic powers. Henrie also played one of Ted’s kids on How I Met Your Mother, so he knows a thing or two about sitting patiently and waiting for old people to finish their insanely long stories, as all youngsters should. Reagan still doesn’t have a director—or any other cast members—so it’s still a ways off. We can pass the time with a bit of “Rappin’ Ronnie Reagan.”

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