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Wiz Khalifa announces mobile game about weed farming

(Photo: Warner Music Group)

This April 20, once you’re fully loaded up on Sigur Rós edibles and done with the Rick And Morty VR game, Wiz Khalifa will have just the thing to help you keep riding those chill 4/20 vibes: a mobile game about growing weed. Titled Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, a press release says the game is a joint effort from Warner Music Artist Services and a “boutique game studio” called Metamoki that is a “pioneer in the free-to-play gaming industry.” Weed Farm will give players “a glimpse into the future of legalized cannabis” by showing how people in the weed industry are “seizing opportunities in entrepreneurial fashion, reinvesting into business, and compounding returns.” Also, in future updates, digital weed farmers will able to “expand their operations across the US and eventually the entire world.”

The game will be available on the App Store and Google Play on April 20, and those interesting in growing that groovy virtual grass can get more information at this link.

(Photo: Warner Music Group)

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