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Witness the well-oiled dance machine that is K-pop group Seventeen

Seventeen, Pledis Entertainment’s dynamic 13-piece K-pop outfit, is no stranger to a well-choreographed number. In fact, the group has maintained a long-standing reputation within the industry for their slick footwork, precise movements, and synchronization that defies any science that involves 13 people attempting to do anything together. Seventeen recently released their new single “Fear”—a haunting R&B/EDM hybrid of a track—off of their third album An Ode. While the accompanying music video is appropriately theatrical and flexes their more mature-leaning aesthetic these days, a sizable portion of the choreography is understandably sacrificed for some pretty cool visuals. Thankfully, Pledis released the dance video on Tuesday, which shows the razor-sharp routine in full.


Seventeen’s complex choreography is created in-house by the members themselves. Their attention to detail has earned them two Dance Performance Award wins at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2017 and 2018. You should take a moment to check out their 2017 winning routine for “Don’t Wanna Cry,” which is even more mind-melting. The group is currently gearing up for a world tour, which begins in Japan next month.

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