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Witness the birth of the year's first meme with Tom Hanks' Golden Globes grimace

Photo: Paul Drinkwater (Getty Images/NBCUniversal Media LLC)

We’re five days into 2020, but thanks to Tom Hanks, we’ve already got our first good meme—and since it involves Tom Hanks, it’s also pretty nice and positive. Not like those memes with the sad skeleton that talks like a really edgy teen. This is pretty much the opposite.

Hanks was given the Golden Globes’ Cecil B. DeMille Award tonight, celebrating his amazing acting career, which meant that the camera operators spent a lot of the early show turning to him for reaction shots when Ricky Gervais said outrageous things or when someone made a heartfelt speech... and Hanks’ reactions did not disappoint.


You’re going to be seeing that grimace a lot over the next few days, if not the next few months... or years. Here’s a good example:


But Hanks didn’t even stop there with the viral-friendly content, even if he hit meme peak pretty early with that reaction to Gervais’ monologue. For example, at one point during the show, a quick shot of Hanks foreshadowed that he had a cold, something he’d attribute the tearfulness of his acceptance speech to a little bit later on. Here’s Hanks holding up some cold medicine and pantomiming a cough, which you could send to your friends when you’re too sick to hang out or whatever!


As for Hanks getting choked up, we’ve also got that. It happened when he glanced at his family while accepting his Cecil B. DeMille Award, and... well, now we’re also crying. It’s just so touching.


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