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Witness the adorable, terrorist-centric drama of Big Hero Dark 30

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It’s pretty clear by now that Disney has a real winner of a character on its hands. Baymax, the fey and immensely appealing inflatable robot star of Big Hero 6, has already captured millions of hearts and minds in his adorable quest to stomp the memory of any preceding animated obsessions out of existence. (Somewhere, Olaf the Snowman grimaces, pounding out another set of 40-lb. reps in preparation for the coming fight, while Europe’s “The Final Countdown” blares on his speakers.) The big lug’s wide-eyed innocence and playful heroics are an unstoppable combination, resulting in near-toxic levels of cuteness.


Which, naturally, makes him the ideal candidate for an overdubbed trailer. Vimeo user Jeff Yorkes has edited together the audio from the trailer for Zero Dark Thirty with the images from Big Hero 6’s trailer and the results are impressive. We find the latter’s protagonist Hiro occupying the Jessica Chastain role, with Baymax playing the role of torturer, sadistic boss, and, in a particularly awkward moment, calling out Osama bin Laden. It’s a little ridiculous, it’s a lot jarring, and it’s just the thing to email your mom after the fifth time she texts you from the toy store, asking if your nephew wanted the stuffed Baymax or the action figure Baymax. It’s Big Hero Dark 30.

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