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Witness pure, unmitigated joy as this grandpa finds out he’s going to see Lady Gaga

Photo: Deagreez (iStock), Kevin Mazur (Getty Images for SiriusXM)

We don’t get to see pure happiness too often. So we should all be grateful to Twitter user Whit (@boybehindbricks) for posting her grandpa’s reaction upon finding out he was going to see his favorite performer, Lady Gaga.


Obviously this man is delightful, joking that he’s already booked on May 7, 2020, when his granddaughter informs him that they have tickets to see Lady Gaga in Vegas that night. As soon as she says “Vegas,” he figures out, hesitantly uttering, “Gaga?” as if he just can’t believe his luck. His whole face lights up so that he resembles a kid finding a Red Ryder BB Gun under his Christmas tree.

Whit’s tweet soon went viral (with her grandpa even getting his own hashtag, #grandpamonster), and eventually made the rounds to Lady Gaga and co. Now the grandpa contingent is going to see Gaga even sooner, and will also get to attend a meet-and-greet so that he can meet his favorite star. Hope he’s free in October!

It’s enough to restore our faith in humanity (at least when it comes to grandpas and Lady Gaga) in a rare case of social media being on the side of good. We look forward to @boybehindbricks’ tweets from the show in October; have fun, #grandpamonster!


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