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Without the theme music, MacGyver’s intro is upsetting and odd

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Mario Wienerroither has struck again. Having already created music-free music videos for such artists as Nirvana, Mick Jagger and David Bowie, and Queen, Wienerroither has now turned his attention to the much-loved Richard Dean Anderson vehicle MacGyver and created a “musicless intro” to the 1985-1992 action-adventure series. He boldly removed the heroic and indelible Randy Edelman-composed theme song and substituting realistic sound effects, as well as various gasps, grunts, and screams meant to represent the sounds Anderson (or his stuntman) would be making while, say, sliding down a rocky slope on his butt or grabbing the landing skids of a helicopter in midair. In so doing, Wienerroiter has transformed MacGyver from a show about a highly resourceful secret agent with a flair for mechanical improvisation into a show about a mullet-sporting lunatic who repeatedly hurls himself into danger, then reacts squeamishly to said danger. Particularly delightful is Anderson’s girlish squeal when he finds himself trapped in a burning room.

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