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Without the banter, an entire episode of Family Feud takes a tight three minutes

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Ever watch an episode of a game show and think “Sure, this is fun, but who has time for all of this banter?” Once again the Internet has provided a solution, helping out those who are merely interested in the results of daytime television. YouTube user GorgeousWig has produced the most efficient episode of Family Feud, which means it’s also clearly the best episode, as everyone knows efficiency is directly proportionate to entertainment. By cutting out the contestants’ reactions to answers, the tension-filled moments before and after an answer is revealed, and pretty much all of Steve Harvey, the half hour episode now clocks in at just under three minutes.

This lightning round approach keeps things tidy while also cutting down the amount of time viewers have to yell at the participants for not saying what is clearly the #1 answer. There is a real sense of whiplash energy as the video propels forward, though it comes at the expense of watching Steve Harvey remain incredulous at contestants’ responses. Well, mostly—Harvey can’t help but react to and fraternize with the families, and editors are still only human.

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