The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (Fox)

One of the lesser talking points on last night’s 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards is how little fat there was to trim on the broadcast. Where many other award shows typically go over their allotted time slot, the Emmys nailed the landing on their three-hour run time, mostly thanks to few diversions from the actual presentation of awards.

Video editor Dominick Nero, the guy who brought us every Geico ad at once, sheds some insight into just how little time was spent away from the awarding and entertaining on stage with a clip of all audience member reactions. The result is a video of actors doing what they do best: acting. From fake laughs to half-hearted applause, the Emmy audience is well-aware that the cameras are rolling, and fortunately for the home audience, the show’s directing and editing teams didn’t lose sight of their main objective. That is, they focused on presenting an awards show.