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Yesterday, our truck-loving boy Donald Trump was tweeting, because who could tell that face “no”? Here are two of his tweets:

While a lot of this is the sort of garden-variety terse, angry political posturing we have come to expect from the 45th president, the phrase “The Dems scream death as OCare dies” has a poetic sparkle we don’t usually see from him. Maybe it’s the perfect Shakespearean rhythm, flowing as it does in neat iambic pentameter, or maybe it’s the cliché death metal poetry. It also slots nicely into the chorus of the Cure’s “The Hanging Garden,” in case you were wondering.

As usual, the president’s words have inspired all kinds of reactions from his fellow tweeters, because if nothing else Donald Trump has always been good at making people take his bullshit seriously. Some folks think what he said was funny, and joked about its metalness.


Others vehemently denied its metalness.


The bravest among us stood tall, refusing to engage in any japery and condemning this particular tweet as an unforgivable transgression.

Meanwhile, whatever the president meant (“it will get even better at lunchtime”?), the Dems do have some screaming to do, although they would do well to stop screaming in defense of the ACA and to start pushing behind universal coverage.