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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled With NFL 2015, Bad Lip Reading is back for all your Funyun needs

Bad Lip Reading is the simplest concept: A man who was trying to learn to read lips realized he was pretty bad at it and the results were hilarious. There have been pop culture versions, with BLR venturing into Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead (twice!). But the original viral sensation was his take on what players and coaches were screaming at each other on the gridiron. And so his most recent video is a return to form as he once again totally misinterprets (we assume) what NFL personnel are saying on camera.


This round-up includes energetic desire for Funyuns, players who forget to breathe and/or weren’t loved as babies, and the important identification of who the good guys are versus who the bad guys are. All this plus a sweet little ditty by Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett makes for another fun collection of non-sequiturs that are infinitely more fun than anything these people will actually say.

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