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Wishbone is getting his own movie, finally

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Wishbone—the dog who spent his career making your own, totally illiterate dog look like a real lazy asshole—might be getting his own movie. That’s the improbable news reported by Variety this week, noting that the PBS series, about a Jack Russell terrier with a bizarre obsession for classic works of literature that just happened to be safely ensconced in the public domain, is apparently getting the cinematic treatment.

The film is reportedly being developed by Mattel, Universal Pictures, and Green Book/There’s Something About Mary director Peter Farrelly, whose career only appears to get weirder and more incongruous by the year. There’s no word yet on what the plot of such a cinematic reboot would look like, although we imagine it would presumably take the plucky pup through a number of different literary worlds on the way to, probably, a moral. (We hope they do King Lear; kids need to know that proper inheritance laws are the key to a safe royal succession process.)

Soccer, the primary dog who played Wishbone throughout the show’s original 50 episodes, died back in 2001. (Sorry.) Where Farrelly and his team will find another Jack Russell who’s already familiar with the works of Cervantes, Shakespeare, Nikolai Gogol, and more, god only knows.

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