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Winter's Bone director looking to make Pippi Longstocking movie

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With Winter’s Bone having wowed critics (some more than others) with its powerful depiction of a teenaged girl fearlessly commingling with ravaged Ozark meth-heads, director Debra Granik has already set her sights on another tomboyish hero: Pippi Longstocking, the pugnacious, pigtailed scamp of Swedish literature who can lift a car over her head but can’t ever seem to find two thigh-highs that match. Granik revealed that she is working on a film treatment with her producing partner, Anne Rossellini, in this L.A. Times profile about the rise of tough girls in movies—and given that one of the leading figures of that movement, the late Millennium Trilogy author Stieg Larsson, once compared his books’ Lisbeth Salander to a grown-up, possibly sociopathic Pippi Longstocking, there’s obviously room for this to be an equally dark take. And really, how does a young girl come to possess a suitcase full of gold coins without drugs or murder being involved? Really now, Sweden.  [via Vulture]


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