Akiva Goldsman, the man who wrote Batman & Robin and still somehow won an Oscar, has booked his next gig. Goldsman recently directed his first feature, the time-travel tuberculosis romance Winter’s Tale, and despite that film’s mediocre reception at the box office, he’s already been tapped to direct the horror movie Stephanie. Based on a Blood List (the horror equivalent of The Black List)-winning screenplay, Stephanie is the story of a young girl with supernatural powers whose world is shattered by the arrival of two strangers claiming to be her parents.

Goldsman previously executive produced a handful of Paranormal Activity sequels—which technically counts as horror experience—and horror fans are notoriously tolerant of hacky (and slash-y) material, so this could be a perfect fit for him. Still, we’ll see if any of this actually happens, as both Goldsman’s “family-friendly” The Toxic Avenger remake and his The Dark Tower adaptation seem to be on ice at the moment. That Ghost TV series is totally happening, though. Maybe.