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Winter might be here, but Gwendoline Christie's Game Of Thrones premiere look is absolute fire

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

We don’t normally spill a lot of ink here at The A.V. Club on fashion or red-carpet looks—excepting that time Ezra Miller dressed up like some sort of black-rubber kink Dalek, of course. But, then, most stars clearly aren’t putting their all into it, something made abundantly clear by the rule-proving exception that is Gwnedoline Christie at tonight’s big Game Of Thrones premiere event in New York. Like, fucking look at it:

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

Christie is apparently rocking an Iris van Herpen gown from the Dutch designer’s Spring 2019 collection, one that we can only assume is titled “A Butterfly That Is Also On Fire, But In, Like, An Amazing Way.” Cue thousands of people on Twitter, all screaming some variation of “HOLY SHIT, BRIENNE OF TARTH.” Meanwhile, Christie is also dishing up thoughtful takes in addition to her amazing look, fielding questions from Variety about the expanding roles for women in big-budget genre fiction like Game Of Thrones and her other franchise home, the Star Wars films:

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