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Winona Ryder confirms Beetlejuice sequel and enduring appeal

Winona Ryder on Late Night With Seth Meyers

It’s been a while since we had any news about a Beetlejuice sequel—it was all the way back in December that Tim Burton “oh yeah’d” in passing that he was up for helming the film. Then in January, screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith reassured audiences of the sequel’s continuity and (possibly limited) Michael Keaton factor. Well, the sequel speculation got another boost Monday night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, courtesy of Winona Ryder.

Ryder was on the show to promote her role in David Simon’s Show Me A Hero (despite the fact that even Simon doesn’t think anyone will watch it). Showing utter disregard for limiting the invocation of the Ghost With The Most’s name, Meyers first asked Ryder about the sequel rumors and if she was at liberty to confirm or deny them. She hesitated briefly before saying that since Burton had already said yes (and on camera), then she probably could do so as well. But she admitted that she didn’t know much more than the average Beetlejuice fan about what the film would be about.


Ryder and Meyers then went on to discuss the enduring appeal of the original film despite all the Hobbits and special effects that have sprung up since its release. Watch the clip below, with bonus Fred Armisen interruption.

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