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Wimps unpacks its “Suitcase” on new track

It’s easy to see why Seattle’s Wimps found a home at Kill Rock Stars, the label that’s played home to some of the Pacific Northwest’s best and brightest. The band’s early works had the sound of Devo-gone-garage, with the trio bashing away at sinewy riffs in their lean, angular songs. On November 13, Kill Rock Stars will release Suitcase, Wimps’ sophomore album that shows off how many new tricks the group has learned since its Super Me EP hit this August. The A.V. Club is premiering the album’s title track below, which sees guitarist Rachel Ratner and bassist Matt Nyce lock in to a frenetic groove that rattles forward as Ratner cries out for escape.

Pre-orders for Suitcase are available now through Kill Rock Stars.


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