Hoping to extend those fleeting moments of warm nostalgia inspired by their recent inclusion in Bridesmaids, Wilson Phillips—the pop group who was every girl’s supportive best friend in the early ’90s—have reunited behind both a new record and a new TV show, one that will explore the unflinching, day-to-day reality of how the ladies manage to balance work and family life with only their wealth, fame, and the wealth and fame of their fathers to support them. Seeing as it’s comprised of the daughters of Brian Wilson and The Mamas And The Papas’ John and Michelle Phillips, the trio naturally has a lot of family and personal drama it could milk—whatever family drama is left after MacKenzie Phillips’ memoir and an entire season of Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, anyway. But so far the members aren’t saying anything other than it’s about their 20-years-later reunion, their friendship, and their lives with nine kids between them. Although, you can probably bet that at some point, the producers will stage a confrontation where the Wilsons make Chyna cry about that time she left them to pursue a solo career, all while her husband William Baldwin tries to dodge the cameras and slink quietly into the kitchen for a beer.