Alex And Emma

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Luke and Owen Wilson are going to be working with Borat director Larry Charles on what is reportedly “a broad comedy”—which means it’ll have plenty of falling down and none of that dumb ol’ thinkin’ stuff. The untitled movie was co-written by Luke Wilson, and it has a weirdly complicated plot for a “broad comedy.” Apparently, it’ll revolve around a man (Luke Wilson) who is falsely accused of robbing a bank, but gets sent to prison anyway thanks to his “criminally incompetent” lawyer (Owen Wilson, playing the dumb one for once). Believing he’ll be in prison for life, his cellmate (Martin Lawrence) convinces him to marry a woman on the outside, but when he gets unexpectedly exonerated, he realizes that he barely knows hiiis wiiiiife.

THR doesn’t say where it goes from that point, but it seems safe to assume that it won’t turn into a touching romantic drama. There’s also no word on who will play theee wiiiiife, but the story says she’s “seemingly sweet” and “demure,” which means she’ll probably end up being neither of those things and some of that broad comedy will come from Luke Wilson’s confusion as to why his seemingly sweet and demure wiiiife has suddenly become openly vicious and vulgar—or whatever the opposite of seemingly sweet and demure is. (Bitter and bold works, but she’s a person and not a cup of coffee.)