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Wilmer Valderrama joins Fox’s Minority Report show

Fox’s Minority Report TV show already has a guy from the movie, a girl playing a girl from the movie, and a couple of other people, but the cast is really coming together now that Fox veteran Wilmer Valderrama has signed on. That comes from Deadline, which reports that Valderrama—who you might remember from That ‘70s Show, Handy Manny, and the episode of Punk’d where he got punk’d—will be playing a detective named Will Blake who might be a bad guy. We’re not sure what makes him possibly a bad guy, but Deadline says the protagonist “sizes him up” and “decides she doesn’t like him.” Of course, it’s possible that she’s just a bad judge of character and Valderrama is actually a good guy, but we have no way of knowing that yet. If only we had a bunch of psychic children soaking in a tub who could spoil upcoming pilots for us.


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