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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Willie Nelson could sing his way out of marijuana charge

TMZ reports that Willie Nelson could be let off the hook on his November arrest for marijuana possession if he accepts a plea deal from the prosecutor, one that would see him skipping out on possible jail time and reduce his punishment to a $100 fine if he agrees to serenade the court with “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”—which the prosecutor says will count as “community service.” The whole story is a prism through which you can refract all sorts of personal outrages, such as: a) the way celebrities get special treatment from a star-struck judicial system, b) how marijuana has yet to be decriminalized, when even high-profile (pause for laffs) cases such as these are essentially treated as jokes; c) the continuing ridiculousness of ever arresting Willie Nelson for smoking marijuana ever, when obviously the world doesn’t care if he does so; d) the fact that if you get busted for pot possession, no one’s going to ask you to sing shit, etc. Mix and match!


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