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William Shatner will have a Senior Moment in new rom-com

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

William Shatner is boldly going where only so many actors have gone before: Variety reports the Star Trek stalwart has just boarded an indie rom-com called Senior Moment. In what sounds like an homage to both Top Gun and Space Cowboys, Shatner will play a retired Navy pilot who also happened to test aircraft for NASA. But retirement can’t clip this maverick’s wings, as he zips around town in a little hot rod (hang on, we’re not at the rom-com part yet.) The film’s being directed by Giorgio Serafini, the helmer of such, um, lighthearted fare as Game Of Death starring Wesley Snipes and the forthcoming The Executioners. We assume there’s a meet-cute nestled somewhere in all that bloody revenge, making Serafini very much the right guy to direct a movie about a twilight-years romance.

Shatner’s character will be busted for speeding as part of some program to keep dangerous drivers off the road. Yeah, we’re still not entirely clear how the romantic comedy will fit in, unless he falls in love with the police officer or driver’s re-education teacher. But so far, it does sound like the beginning of a good revenge thriller, and Serafini is already on board.


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