Better Late Than Never (Screenshot: YouTube)

William Shatner’s music career has taken as many strange turns as his acting career over the decades. He unleashed his quasi-Shakespearean versions of Beatles and Bob Dylan songs on The Transformed Man in 1968. He coolly deconstructed Elton John’s “Rocket Man” on The Science Fiction Film Awards in 1978. And he collaborated with Ben Folds (and got good reviews) for Has Been in 2004. But there are still some musical galaxies left unexplored by the Canadian thespian, including the high-energy South Korean genre known as K-pop. Luckily, Shatner’s current series, the NBC reality show Better Late Than Never, is all about crossing such items off the bucket list. In each episode, Shatner and his co-stars, Henry “The Fonz” Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, and George Foreman, travel the globe in search of late-in-life adventures. One recent escapade brought them in contact with the mega-popular Korean act Girls’ Generation, with a music video resulting from the meeting.

They all look to be having fun, though it’s possible that neither of these groups had heard of the other before filming began. Because K-pop is such a visually expressive genre, the stars of Better Late Than Never don ridiculous, garish outfits for the video. In their plaid jackets, wigs, and cowboy hats, they all seem to be having a grand old time dancing around. Whatever this mission was, consider it accomplished.