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Actor William Hurt has withdrawn from the Gregg Allman biopic Midnight Rider after an on-set accident resulted in the death of second camera assistant Sarah Jones. The accident occurred on February 20, as the crew was filming a dream sequence on a railway bridge in Georgia. Reports seem to indicate that the production did not have permission to be filming at the location and did not take proper safety precautions. Jones was killed and seven others were injured when a train unexpectedly came down the tracks. Hurt was on site during the accident.


Jones’ death has raised many questions about the safety standards of filmmaking. The 27-year-old was memorialized at the Oscars and film sets have been honoring her memory via their production slates. Director Randall Miller is aiming to resume shooting in Los Angeles in June, but a Facebook group titled “I REFUSE to work on Midnight Rider!” currently has 11,417 members—and now even Gregg Allman himself has asked that Miller not proceed with the film.  While it’s likely no criminal charges will be filed, attorneys for Jones’ family are said to be considering a civil suit. After Hurt’s exit, it’s unclear when or even if filming will continue. [via Variety]

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