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William H. Macy, who moved into the director’s chair last year with the indie drama Rudderless, has announced his second directorial project. This time the Shameless star has picked a movie that sounds a little closer to the W. H. Macy “brand,” forgoing earnest, thoughtful drama in favor of a sexy road trip comedy starring a supermodel and one of the stars of Glee. The Layover will star Kate Upton and Lea Michele as a pair of friends who end up trapped in the St. Louis airport due to a hurricane warning. While there, they compete for the attentions of the same guy, presumably by engaging in Macy-esque acts of wanton comedic eroticism.


The script for The Layover comes courtesy of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia writers Lance Krall and David Hornsby (a.k.a. Rickety Cricket, the living portrait of Dorian Gray to the sociopathic excesses of said show’s cast). Hornsby, of course, has a writing credit on the classic Sunny episode “Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth,” which features a scene in which a braid-wearing Danny DeVito covers himself in oil and then has graphic-for-cable onscreen sex with a bored prostitute. So anyway, these guys clearly know from sexy.

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